All About Lou Clarke


“Dream it, then jump and do it! Dreams don’t come true on their own. Even Cinderella had to ‘do something’… she went to the ball!”– Lou Clarke

Lou Clarke, Time & Profitability Strategist

Helping BADASS Women create more time and make more money while levelling up their mindset and confidence! ❤️

Going from $3.00 from bankruptcy to self-made Millionaire in 9-years, Lou (born Sara Louise Clarke) now shares everything that she and her husband, Roger, did to get to where they are now with those who are hungry for financial change. Her story is not a "rags to riches" story because Lou did not grow up poor. In fact, her family always seem to have enough money and they never went without. But growing up Lou also was not taught how to begin, nurture, and grow an intimate relationship with money, which is why she and Roger got into a financial mess within their first 5 years of marriage, while raising 2 sons with a 3rd on the way. Simply put they spent more than they made, but bigger than that Lou lost a $4,000 a month contract weeks after moving into a larger home, with a much bigger mortgage payment. There were times when the money would run out before the month was over... "more month than money" Lou would always say. The day when Lou & Roger realized that they only had $3.00 in their pocket was the day everything changed.

Fast forward to 9 years later to 2015 and Lou & Roger purchased their 6,000sqft dream home for pennies on the dollar and were continuing to make money work for them in so many ways. Now, 5 years later, their home is valued at well over a million dollars, they have no credit card debt, and with multiple 6-figures in the bank and schooling for their 4 boys is paid for, Lou & Roger continue to manifest everything they want and desire, all because they fixed their mindset and created a loving relationship with money. They learned a lot of tools, tips and tricks when it comes to living an abundant life.

Lou is now on a mission to teach everything she has learned and has exercised over the last 14 years so that others can take her shortcuts and get the results that truly desire a lot quicker than she did. Lou has helped her clients to learn to live off of cash, increase their income, increase their credit scores, and she has also helped them to find money in their everyday life. Lou has also helped people to save money for fun, remove consumer debt, and build a strong relationship with money. But most of all Lou has helped women become confident in their money habits and abilities to know that they have what it takes to make money work for them.

A personal note from Lou "Do we have a home investment loan… yes. Do we have car loans… 2 to be exact. But we are not looking for change in the couch to be able to make the payments. I am just like you, working on living a happy and comfortable life and wanting to better my situation on a daily basis. I am touchable, I am relatable and I am just like you… working my ASS off to make my future brighter! If I did this, trust me you can too. I am not special or privileged. I simply worked the knowledge that I learned and that anyone can do, if they are willing."

Lou has been an entrepreneur for 23 years & owns multiple income streams. She is a wife to Roger for 20 years and they are teenage sweethearts. Lou is the proudest Mom to 4 boys, ages 11, 14, 16 & 18. She has a vest for life and understands that "You only get 1 life, so make it count"!